At A Monique Affair, we believe that extraordinary events require many extraordinary hands. 

After working in the wedding and event industry for over 45 years combined, we’ve developed a unique team approach to planning and producing events. 

You’ll begin your planning journey by meeting with our Founder and CEO, Chanda Daniels. Chanda will learn all about your wedding or event, your needs, and desires, and connect you with the planning professional that’s right for you!

You’ll work with your planner for the duration of the event planning process and throughout the day of your wedding or event. 

On the day of your event, you’ll be greeted by our concierge, who’s solely responsible for your care on the morning of your wedding. They’ll be sure that all of your creative partners are arriving in a timely manner and that you are staying calm and vibrant.




We live for moments that take your breath away. The first glimpse at your soul mate. The smile on the faces of your friends and family. The beauty of your ideas in full bloom. The unforgettable occurrence that stays with you until your last breath. That’s why we exist.

We can’t wait to hear! 

Tell Us About Your Event

Having served in a wide capacity in the wedding and event industry, I’ve seen it all. That’s why I hand-selected a team of professionals with unique skills. Our process is what makes us the best! Each skilled team member is working on your behalf, using their strengths, to produce a flawless and masterfully executed experience. We’re proud of that! 

How it’s Handled

It is our mission to make you feel taken care of, relaxed, and organized from beginning to end. Our team makes sure that’s possible. 



Our multi-faceted approach allows you to have a full coverage team that is able to meet the needs of you, your event, your guests, and your creative partners easily and efficiently. 



Our transportation coordinator will be working continuously to ensure your entire wedding party and guests are safely arriving at your venue. The transportation coordinator stays with you throughout the affair to be sure that everyone makes it home safely and efficiently. 

It’s what makes A Monique Affair exceptional. 

Throughout the day of your event, your production team will have been setting tables, working with your on-site creative team, and finalizing details and decor. This team will be responsible for making sure all the beautiful details of your ceremony and reception are in place. 

It’s What We Do 


Exceptional Service Creates Exceptional Events 

Chanda Daniels, CEO, Founder, believes in celebrating milestone events with class, style, and richness. You can expect a top-of-the-line personalized experience when you work with Chanda and the AMA Team.



chanda daniels

Chanda is an advocate for celebrating love in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Using the love stories of her clients she is able to create unique experiences and fresh designs for her clients. 

As a celebrated and published designer, Chanda only works directly with distinguished clients at Chanda Daniels Planning & Design.


Chanda Daniels, owner and designer, has been planning and designing weddings in the San Francisco Bay area for over 25 years. 



meet the




I first found my love for event planning while working for a non-profit, and later grew that love while planning community events at an Oakland dance studio. As a first-generation Latina, I believe it’s important to get to know clients and hear their stories.

As an Oakland native, I grew up in a large family where all of our gatherings were events. That’s how I ended up with a degree in hospitality. I like to think I've been groomed to become a planner my entire life. 

Our relationship throughout the planning process is what I rely on to help me bring your event to life. I’m passionate about creating experiences where my clients can enjoy themselves fully. My goal during our planning sessions is to make the process easy and fun for you.

The only thing you have think about on your wedding day is how much fun you’re having on the dance floor!

Through my work at multiple hospitality venues throughout the Bay Area one thing carried through - my clients are treated like family. The best part of my job working with couples is getting to know them and understanding the vibe/feeling they want their family and friends to experience on their special day.

When I’m able to know and love my clients like family, planning and organizing their details the way they’ve always envisioned becomes such an honor and a privilege.

our WORK